fingz wot aye bin in an dun

It’s been a while since I last uploaded anything to this blog so I thought I’d post a quick update on what I’ve been writing lately (because that’s like totally interesting to *so many* people) and include a few links to some websites I’d like to recommend.

I wrote a short story just before Christmas which I submitted to an upcoming indie anthology called As Above So Below and was both surprised and delighted to have it accepted! It’s extremely rare for me to even my fiction writing, so as you can probably imagine I was pretty chuffed. You can find out a little more about this collection here. Early versions of the various stories will be serialized online prior to full publication. The previous anthology from the same editor (The Red Phone Box) features a story from none other than the mighty Warren Ellis (who wrote this) and I am fortunate enough to be receiving a review copy to write about when it is ready for release.

I am now contributing to a very cool website called Tastes Like Comics, for which I just finished my first article ‘Politics & the Hero: a personal view’ (and y’all can make me very happy by giving it a read). I intend to write a lot of shorter comic reviews for them as well as my usual long, rambling pieces, so in future this blog will probably contain considerably fewer articles about comics (and that’s no bad thing, variety being the spice of life).

If you’re at all interested in comics or nerd culture then be sure to check out Tastes Like Comics. It’s a great site that’s jam-packed with quality articles written by genuine enthusiasts and covers all sorts of geekery, not just the realm of comic books.

Another website I think anyone interested in comics should check out is the Comic Bastards. I actually was the recipient of a brief shout-out on their latest podcast, which was the highlight of an otherwise dreary Monday (it also features the best outro I’ve ever heard on a podcast). In an indistinguishable ocean of websites seeking to emulate Aint It Cool News these guys are a lifeboat of refreshing frankness and strong opinion. I don’t always agree with what they have to say but I certainly enjoy hearing them say it.

Also, I have just begun working on a couple of scripts for comic books, which I will then use to make fully scripted page layouts. Because my drawing skills are extremely limited I would love to find an artist I could collaborate with. On the off-chance that someone reading this can draw and is relatively local to me (i.e. somewhere vaguely close to the cities of Winchester/Southampton, UK) then please get in touch with me through my twitter account (or using the comments below if you prefer). My current thinking is that if we were able to produce a finished product then I’d self-publish a limited print run through a local press and also sell electronic format copies online, but I’m willing to cross that bridge if and when I come to it.