Here’s a bunch of links to some websites and blogs that I like, organised by their subject matter. I’ve tried to avoid listing the larger commercial sites because they really don’t need any assistance from me (and you’re probably already familiar with them if you’re interested in what they do).

Comics & Graphic Narratives

Tastes Like Comics

Comics Grid


Too Busy Thinking About My Comics

Comic Bastards

Comic Booked

Book Reviews

A book a day ’till I can stay




Basic (a charming British comic about a young man and his robot)

Hark! A Vagrant (Kate Beaton’s delightful and humorous historical comics)

XKCD (“a webcomic of romance, science, math and language”)

The Oatmeal (funny, geeky and funny)

Writers, Artists & Bloggers

Call Me Salome (Salome Jones)

Warren Ellis (blog)

Orc Stain (the workblog of phenomenal artist/writer James Stokoe)

Pronea (Jonathan Hickman’s infrequently updated workblog)

Kieron Gillen (tumblr/workblog)

Penny Red (Laurie Penny)

…more to come, as and when I find the time to add them.


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