Articles, reviews & that sort of thing

Here’s a collection of articles I’ve written on this blog and elsewhere that I think might be worth your attention. If you’re looking for something to read then I hope you need look no further – I genuinely appreciate every reader I get. Not that I’m desperate or anything…

Self Indulgent Drivel:

Cutesy, cuddly killers: why you should read We3 (Comics/Graphic-Novels)

Reflections on ‘Zeitgeist: Moving Forward’ (Politics/Film)

Z-Day of Reckoning (Politics/News)

A brief tribute to Brian Jaques (Books/Children’s Fiction/Sad News)

Why Claudius? (TV)

Corporate Conflict & Homicidal X-Monkeys (Comics/Graphic-Novels)

The SVK Experiment (Comics/Graphic-Novels)

Romance, regret & the function of fantasy in ‘Spiderman: Blue’  (Comics/Graphic-Novels)

Tastes Like Comics:

Politics and the Hero: a personal view (Comics – Opinion/Editorial)

The Last Battle: Zero-Spoiler Review (Graphic Novel – Review)

It’s time we talked about Image (Comics – Opinion/Editorial)

Comic Bastards (reviews)

Haunt #24

Chew: Special Agent Poyo #1


Wild Children

Dark Horse Presents #14

The Manhattan Projects #5

Soulfire vol.4 #1

Creator Owned Heroes #3

Classic Popeye #1

Dark Horse Presents #15

Mudman #5

Kuzimu vol.1

Classic Popeye #2

Creator Owned Heroes #4


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